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Shaping your story, building your business

There have been tremendous advances in medical technology in recent years but even innovators are met with challenges in building awareness of their technology, navigating both regulatory approvals and reimbursement, and expanding mind and market share.

While Verge Scientific is expert at creating your story, sometimes a good story is not enough. Our team also works with you to identify some of the obstacles and barriers to building product awareness and uptake and strategize with you to develop a marketing communications plan that will achieve meaningful results.

Where we help

  • Corporate and product communications

  • Physician and patient engagement

  • Inbound and outbound marketing

  • Sales and marketing support

  • Advertising and digital strategy

  • Trade shows and events

Diagnostics and Devices

From laboratory developed tests and genomic sequencing platforms to innovative surgical and consumer health technologies, the Verge Scientific team has worked with both emerging and Fortune 500 companies to differentiate their innovations and build market share.

Inflection Points

We help you navigate key inflection points to set the course for success.

  • Company and product launch

  • Milestone achievements

  • Market expansion

  • Product Updates

  • RCT Readouts

  • Crisis and issues

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Financing

  • Leadership changes, new hires

How can we advance your science and story?

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